A world of spicy flavors

Pika Hotstuff has spicy flavors from around the world for you. We stand for original taste, authentic recipes and a healthy lifestyle. We do so with our spicy seasonings that are delicious with all your dishes and snacks. Our products are all natural, without any added salt, sugar, or preservatives. 

Pika Hotstuff is a fast-growing startup with big ambitions. And our story has only just begun. Located in The Netherlands, the world's cuisine is our inspiration. And the amount of flavors we want to share with you is endless. Join us by supporting the movement and become part of the journey.


Pika Hotstuff is born on Curaçao, raised in Amsterdam. Dutch founder Folkert Tempelman of Pika Hotstuff fell in love with pika on the tropical island of Curaçao. Over there everybody eats pika all the time. For example with a hot grilled BBQ cheeseburger from the truki pan, a fresh Caribbean salad on the beach, or a 'kuater den un' egg sandwich at the snèk.

When Folkert returned to the Netherlands after almost ten years on Curaçao, he couldn't find pika anywhere. So he decided to dive into the kitchen and make it himself. Step by step Pika Hotstuff grew and became more professional.

Now, we don't only make spicy tropical salsas, but also our second love: spicy Mediterranean pizza oil! And there's more to come. Our mission with Pika Hotstuff is to let everyone enjoy delicious spicy flavors from around the world, the #pikalife

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