A world of spicy flavors

Pika Hotstuff has spicy flavors from around the world. Hot Caribbean salsa and spicy Mediterranean olive oil.

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All natural

Our products are all natural, plant based, and super healthy. No added salt & sugar, e-numbers, or preservatives. Just mother nature giving you a spicy kick in the butt. Don't forget to re-use the beautiful glass botttles.


Pika Loko

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High quality

Pika Hotstuff is high quality. Our products are made with only the best ingredients. The spicy peppers for our pika salsas come from local farmers in the Netherlands during the summer, in the winter from artisanal growers in Southern Europe. Our onions are from Dutch soil (of course!). And for our Pidi Pidi we carefully select the most flavorful extra virgin olive oil and herbs from the finest suppliers in the Méditerranée.

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Pidi Pidi

Pika Loko

Mix & Match and get a discount. Go pika loko! 

  • Original Flavors

    We’ve got original flavors from around the world. The spicy ones, straight from the source. Pika is made out of love for hotstuff created by mother earth and originators from all continents. Our products therefore always contain originality and undeniable flavor.

  • Authentic recipes

    We’re the real deal. Our products are all made according to authentic recipes from across the globe. Because that's where culinary genuineness is found for ages (to come). We believe that authenticity is the spice of life. Our goal is to share that #pikalife with you.

  • Healthy life

    We love a healthy lifestyle. That’s why our products are all natural and contain capsaicin (the stuff that makes a pepper spicy). Capsaicin increases your heart health, stimulates weight loss, and helps pain relief. We do not use any additives like salt & sugar, e-numbers or other synthetic flavor enhancers.


Pika Loko

Mix & Match and get a discount. Go pika loko! 


You are very important to us. Pika Hotstuff can only exist because of you, our community. And we love you for it! That's why we share our journey as much as possible through our socials. Follow us and join the movement @pika.hotstuff


Our Story begins on the Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao. There, founder Folkert Tempelman of Pika Hotstuff fell in love with pika. A healthy and spicy local salsa.

When Folkert returned to the Netherlands he couldn’t find pika anywhere, so he started making it himself. Folkert's mission with Pika Hotstuff is to let everyone enjoy spicy world flavors, the #pikalife

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