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Pika Hotstuff



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‘Original’ pika is a hot tropical salsa with fresh yellow habaneros and red cayenne peppers. Original is our flagship pika. Use it on everything. Born on Curaçao, raised in Amsterdam. 

Good with BBQ, chicken & meat, soup, (grilled) cheese sandwiches, and on a fried egg in the morning. Pro tip: blend Original pika with mayonaise, damn' that's tasty! Available in 100ml and 200ml bottle.


Ingredients: habanero and cayenne chili peppers, onions, natural vinigar. Contains no allergens, e-numbers, added salt/sugar, or preservatives. Net content 100ml / 200ml.

Nutritional value per 100g: energy 180kj/43kcal; carbohydrates 7g (of which natural sugars 3,5g); fibres 2,5g; fats 0,8g (of which saturated fatty acids 0,05g); natural salts 0,38g; protein 0,2g. Store cool and dark. Shake well before use.

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